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Think Tank Photo is a company that makes great camera bags. I’ve used their Urban Disguise 50 shoulder bag for several years. Last year on our trip to Africa for three weeks, I used their Airport Ultralight Backpack. Their bags are thoughtfully designed, crafted well, nice to look at and often, don’t really look like “camera bags” (a nice security feature).

They recently released a new line of camera and lens bags they refer to as the “Retrospective Bag Collection.”  They’re named the Soft-sided Camera Shoulder Bags and Soft-sided Lens Changer Shoulder Bags. There are three model sizes named the Retrospective 10, 20 and 30 of the camera bags, and they come in two colors, Pinestone and Black. You can read all their features and specs at their website:

Today, I read a great review of this bag on the Canon Digital Photography Forum by gotglade who just bought the Retrospective 20. His review includes outstanding photographs of the bag in use. You can read it at this link. Overall, it is an excellent and comprehensive review with great photos. In total, I read/watched three reviews by photographers who had just received their bags.

The second and third reviews are videos shown below:

From Sam Hurd’s Blog

From Simon Pollock

There may be one of these in my future… 🙂

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