The Camel Ride in the Sahara

Marty CohenMorocco14 Comments

We left the frenetic touring of cities and businesses and traveled, first by 4-wheel drive vehicles, then by camel and finally by 4-wheel again into the Sahara Desert to our peaceful tent camp destination. The camel ride was lots of fun, and they put these turbans on us as protection from the sun and sand. The tents were comfortable and the Sahara Desert was magnificent as we arrived and the sun was beginning to set. The shadows cast by the setting sun and the sand dunes were great.

Sun Setting in the Sahara

The sun was setting shortly after we arrived at our tent camp in the Sahara desert

14 Comments on “The Camel Ride in the Sahara”

  1. The Sahara at sunset is gorgeous! Did the camera spit at you?
    You look like real Bedouins in those turbans.
    Your pictures are so amazing.

  2. Love the headgear! Did you wear them only on the camel ride? No camel racing I presume…. The desert picture at sunset is beautiful. Have been enjoying all your pictures.

    1. They had us wear the turbans for the camel ride to protect us from the sun and if the wind started to blow sand around, you can cover your face. No camel racing…

  3. You two must have had a great time!
    Gotta do some wild and crazy things
    in these retirement years. Good for you.

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