The Bubba Gump Lady

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The Bubba Gump Lady

The Bubba Gump Lady on Cannery Row, Monterey

Bubba Gump Restaurant is just a short walk from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I always walk past it on my way to and from the Aquarium. A couple of weeks ago I spent a few hours at the Aquarium shooting photos of the jellyfish and other wonderful sea animals there. After leaving and walking back to my car, I decided to sit on a bench in front of Bubba Gump and people watch, I had my camera sitting on my lap and I just started shooting random photos without looking through the viewfinder.

In this shot, I captured the young woman who stands under that umbrella and invites passersby to look at the menu and try a meal at Bubba Gump. In working on it in Photoshop, I decided to just play with it and this is how it ended up.

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