The Artistic View of Neck Pumpkins

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Neck Pumpkins

"Neck Pumpkins" at the Earthbound Farm's Farm Stand

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Neck Pumpkins are another variety of pumpkins at the Earthbound Farm’s Farm Stand. Many say it is a favorite for pies, bread and other fall pumpkin recipes. They have a smooth tan skin with a very long neck that is all solid orange flesh. The seeds are only in the rounded cavity at the bottom. They are quite flavorful, stringless and are easy to peel and cook.

Neck Pumpkins 2

Neck Pumpkins on Display at Earthbound Farm's Farm Stand

2 Comments on “The Artistic View of Neck Pumpkins”

  1. The tonal is a magnificient ; you and georgia o’keefe. It looks as if it’s done in sepia, is it?

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