Surfing in Rabat

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Surfboard in Rabat

A surfboard awaits the arrival of a young woman surfer.

Rabat, capital and second largest city in Morocco is at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. We took a walk along the shore in Rabat after lunch. There were buildings there with walls painted the beautiful shade of blue that we saw all over Rabat. Given that it’s at the coast and there’s a nice beach there, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when we came upon this surfboard resting on the wall waiting to be taken for a ride.

Surfer in Rabat

A young female surfer walks the surfboard to the beach.

It didn’t take long when a young woman in a wet suit took this surfboard down with the help of a friend and then took it out for a ride. There were a number of other surfers there catching waves. They hang their wetsuits to dry on a rope attached to the two beach showers.

Wet Suits in Rabat

Wet suits hang to dry at the beach in Rabat.

(To see the most detail in these images, click on them to enlarge them!)

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