Stairway to the Light

Marty CohenArchitecture, B+W, Big Sur, Point Sur5 Comments

The stairway up the center of the lighthouse

The stairway up the center of the Point Sur lighthouse

After entering the main door to the Point Sur lighthouse, there is a spiral staircase that leads up to the top where the light and lenses are housed. The old brick walls are beautiful. I just love this image in black and white.
This photo was taken with a Canon EOS 6D, EF24-105mm f/4L IS lens, 1/30 sec at f/13, ISO 3,200 captured on a Lexar 400x SDXC UHS-1 memory card.

5 Comments on “Stairway to the Light”

  1. I like all the lines in the spiral…looks like a chambered nautilus, so fitting at the edge of land overlooking the ocean. Beautiful.

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