Seagate GoFlex – A Great Idea for Portable Hard Drives

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Have you ever had the experience of getting a new computer (like a new Macbook Pro) only to find out that this new computer doesn’t have the right port to connect to your portable hard drive (as in older Macbook Pros had a FW400 port and the new ones don’t, they have a FW800 port)? Fortunately, there are adapters you can buy to make the necessary connections. But what about your portable hard drive needs going forward? This new design by Seagate is a two component solution. It allows you to buy a small case for a 2.5 inch, 7200 rpm hard drive at a very reasonable price, then buy only the special adapter connectors you need for your equipment. CNET reviewed the new drive in the video below.

You can read more about the GoFlex at the CRAVE website. You can check out pricing and buy the Seagate GoFlex from Amazon by clicking on this link: Seagate GoFlex

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