Sea Lion

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Sea Lion

Sea Lion at Pebble Beach, California

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I came upon this Sea Lion asleep on the beach. At first, I was concerned that it might have been injured or was not alive, but, as I got closer, it let me know just how alive it was…

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The photo was taken with a Canon EOS D60, EF70-200 mm lens, 1/250 sec at f/4.5, ISO 400 on Lexar Digital Film.

11 Comments on “Sea Lion”

  1. I worked for twelve years at The Marine Mammal Center which rehabilitates sick and injured marine mammals (415-289-SEAL). This animal appears to be sick. Things to look for, which you can see with this animal are sunken dry eyes (typically you will see a wet spot around the outside corner of the eye running down the side of the head), visible rib bones (this animal has great weight loss), loss of muscle around top of head (notice the sunken area behind his eyes and to the sides of the top of his head). Just letting you know so if you see something like this in the future you can call. There are local rescue staff in the Monterey area. If you are interested in the work, check out

    1. Thank you Diane, that information is very helpful. In this particular case, about 6 years ago, I did call the Marine Mammal Center who came out and took this sea lion back with them.

  2. Totally how I feel sometimes! Good quick catch of a photo. My favorite are those candid ones and if this was a human, it would win candid photo of the year.

  3. Looks like he was not so happy with you! You definitely caught the mood. Not so cuddly (as Lulu), but beautiful texture of his coat (wonder if he uses fish oil).

  4. I miss the seals we used to see when visiting Oregon Coast sites. I actually like the noise the make, just seems to go w/the wind and the waves crashing. That sand looks a lot more comfortable than the rocks they rest on in Oregon though!

  5. That is just how I feel today. I would like to comment just like that!! He is very cute by the way.

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