Santa Cruz Boardwalk Carousel

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Today begins a week-long posting of photographs I took at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Until now, I’ve been posting random photographs each day, but thought it would be interesting to show these images from the Boardwalk as a series. Some of them may appear a bit different from past images I’ve posted as I experimented with some new techniques. So check back each day and leave me your comments about them.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk Carousel

Santa Cruz Boardwalk Carousel

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This is 100th anniversary of the Looff Carousel at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. It was completed in August 1911 by Charles I.D. Looff, a Danish woodcarver and is a National Historic Landmark. His first complete carousel was placed at Coney Island in 1875.

The photo was taken with a Canon EOS 40D, EF17-40mm f/4L lens, 1/30 sec (handheld) at f/9.5, ISO 125 on SanDisk Extreme IV Digital Film and processed as a single image HDR with Photomatix Pro.

2 Comments on “Santa Cruz Boardwalk Carousel”

  1. I spent so much time on the boardwalk in the ’70s. I was one of those dirty little kids running around with no parental supervision all day long. Maybe kids don’t do that any more, but 35 years ago there was a whole band of little urchins hanging around there. What memories!

    1. It was fun hanging out there last week. Cathleen and I had to kill some time while Lulu had eye surgery at the Vet hospital in Santa Cruz. May be fewer of those “little urchins” running around there by themselves now, but lots of “teenage urchins” cruising the boardwalk. Keep checking the daily photos this week for more from the Boardwalk.

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