Royal Palace in Rabat

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Exterior of the Royal Palace in Rabat

Exterior of the Royal Palace in Rabat

Rabat is the capital and second largest city in Morocco. It’s located on the Atlantic Ocean and sits at the mouth of the Bou Regreg River. The Royal Palace is a large building that is set back behind lawns and chained from the public (when we were there). The exterior has a large, impressive Bab ar-Rouah (Gate of the Winds) in front of which ceremonial guards are dressed in red and white uniforms.

Moroccan Flag

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The flag of Morocco flies above the Royal Palace. The palace, said to be magnificent inside, and is a good illustration of Islamic architecture. The King and his family live within the palace. The buildings also house the governmental offices of the cabinet, prime minister and other officials. It is surrounded by a wall with access through three gates. The gardens that encircle the square in front of the complex are beautiful and very well cared for. It was an impressive site.

Or trip leader, Aziz, was born and raised in Morocco. He has had an excellent college education, speaks many languages (I believe six) and has a family with a wife and two children. They live in Fes, Morocco. We spent time learning about the Royal Palace from him as we stood outside in the plaza in front of the Palace. He is a warm, fun and very interesting man who taught us a great deal during our two weeks with him in Morocco.

Our trip leader Aziz

Our trip leader Aziz

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  1. Marty,
    We are enjoying your commentary very much! Your photographs are beautiful. Please continue to share.
    PS. The Sahara picture is now my sceensaver also. It is difficult to believe that we were really there!
    Diane & Roger

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