Rough Surf in Pebble Beach

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Rough Surf in Pebble Beach 1

The rough surf, after a storm, pounds against the rocks on this beautiful day in Pebble Beach.

(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

The sea was hitting the rocks in Pebble Beach with force after the last good storm we had mid-January. If you click on the photo to enlarge it and look carefully, you can see a pair of seagulls flying in the upper left side of the photo.

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16 Comments on “Rough Surf in Pebble Beach”

  1. Beautiful picture — I can’t see any seagulls so no comment on them 🙂
    You are so lucky to be this talented and have this opportunity to use it 🙂

    1. Thanks Debbie… Your comments, and others, today are really helpful as I’ve recently been in a bad creative slump, trying to find some motivation. Then I sat down yesterday to work on this photo and I loved the result. So thanks again!

  2. Nice job! Love the contrast and composition. Look forward to seeing more. I see that Marc Weisel is in touch. Are you having a get together in April? How do I contact him? I do not have his email.

  3. Beautiful! Love those triangular shapes in the clouds, surf and rocks…great positive and negative spaces that just wouldn’t show in color.

  4. Stunning! The contrasting lighting thru the breaking surf against the shadows on the rocks in the foreground and the blk & Wht is very dramatic.

    See you in April.

  5. That is INCREDIBLE. I must get my bedroom done so I can put up the beach series that I want. This one has to be one of them. Thank you for sharing.

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