Red Shoes Hair Salon

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Red Shoes Hair Salon

Red Shoes Hair Salon in Bisbee, AZ

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The Red Shoes Hair Salon sits next to the old mechanic’s shop where the VW bus was painted on the garage door. It’s a classic style building for Bisbee and is both a multi-family dwelling and a commercial space on the ground floor. There was a stylist working on a client in the room on the lower right. I liked how the building looked in black and white, and I also wanted to take advantage of the colorful sign in the window. Click on the photo to enlarge it and see more detail.

Parking for the salon was next door in front of the mechanic’s office wall, on which this sign was painted:

Red Shoes Only

The sign on the wall for parking at the Red Shoes Hair Styling Shop

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6 Comments on “Red Shoes Hair Salon”

  1. Well spotted, Marty!
    Great photo! I especially love the “red shoes only” parking space. Bisbee must have been fun for photography.

  2. Obviously, an old, old building. Classy. Love the photo!!! (Not to sure Larry could get away with such a name for the barber shop!)

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