Point Lobos Photo Shoot

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Point Lobos

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I recently did a one day photo workshop at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve on the Central Coast of California. The specific purpose of this workshop, run by photographer Doug Steakley, was to show photographers many of the great photo locations at Point Lobos. It’s is an incredible place with magnificent beauty and spectacular views of the ocean flowing onto beaches with beautiful rock formations. It’s a really special place and spending eight hours there was a tease. There’s so much to see and to photograph. We didn’t go to every beautiful location and you could easily spend an entire day at each of the spots we did go to. So the photos in the gallery I set up online are the start of what I hope will be a very special addition to my photographs of Central Coast beauty.

When viewing the online gallery, I recommend clicking on the full screen view icon in the lower right corner of the bottom menu. Start the slide show by clicking on the Play arrow. Click this link to go to my first Point Lobos gallery. I hope you enjoy the photographs.  If you do, please share this blog post with others you think will enjoy them too.

Thanks…   Marty

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