Pebble Beach Gingerbread House at Sunset

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Pebble Beach Gingerbread House at Sunset

Pebble Beach Gingerbread House at Sunset

“Perched high on a sand dune at the entrance to Indian Village is a Forest landmark, the storybook “Hansel and Gretel” cottage known as the Gingerbread House. DMFF [Del Monte Forest Foundation] added this 1.02 acre property to Indian Village in 1993, accepting it as a gift from Pebble Beach Company. It was built in 1944 by Artist Pedro de Lemos as a guest house/studio for a much larger residence planned for the property. The poured concrete roof was hand formed to create the appearance of individually colored tiles. Due to the owner’s illness, the main residence was never finished, but the original foundation is still visible. The property was later sold to Pebble Beach Company which, in 1991, restored the house to its original appearance and made repairs to improve its structural condition. Jim Ferguson, a Pebble Beach painting contractor, completed the majority of the work. Following detailed research, each roof square was restored to its original color. Preserved in the plaster above the garage in de Lemos own hand is the inscription:
“Mara Nido – Anno 1994 – Casita de Lemos.”

Source: Del Monte Forest Conservancy My photo taken: December 06, 2008


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  1. We could walk to this house and saw it every day but I never knew the whole history behind it. You’ve caught beautiful light on the Hansel & Gretel House!

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