Old Door at the Aloha Theatre

Marty CohenDaily Photo, Hawaii, HDR, Kauai5 Comments

Aloha State Theatre - Side Door

The side door of the abanoned Aloha State Theatre in Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii.

(Click on the photo to enlarge.)

The Aloha State Theatre is of 1930’s vintage in Hanapepe Kauai. It was abandoned many years ago and has been decaying. This is the side door to the the theatre and reflects the general condition of the building.

5 Comments on “Old Door at the Aloha Theatre”

  1. How beautiful that you captured history and beauty of the island. I remember loving Hanappepe and want to get back there soon. Meanwhile, am overjoyed with the opportunity to hang out with
    Cherise et al. Cheers for the beautiful photos.

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