Making Imagawayaki

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Imagawayaki Pan

Imagayawaki-SignImagawayaki, also known as Goza-Soroh is a Japanese dessert. It’s made with batter cooked in a special pan, heated from below and filled with sweet azuki bean paste, custards, meat or vegetable filling. On a recent trip to LA, Cathleen and I went to LA’s Japantown with some of her cousins and her aunt, Uta. We decided to have a little afternoon treat and green tea and stopped at a small shop where they make Imagawayaki. I thought the pan they used was beautiful, made of copper with the circular shapes perfectly pressed into the copper. The ones ready to serve are lined up behind the pan. Unfortunately they weren’t preparing them while we were there. I went online and found a short, fun to watch, YouTube video of how they make the Imagawayaki. But I did get to eat one – very yummy!


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  1. Gleaming copper circles and diamonds . . . great shapes and reflective light. Fun video too! I wish I had one to eat right now.

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