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A Portrait of Lulu

(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Lulu, 8 years old, got a special new bed made by our niece, Kelly. What makes this bed special is, first, that Kelly made it, and second, that the jeans material comes from many pairs of jeans given to Kelly by family and friends. Kelly is a very talented and creative artist. She cuts, finishes and sews the patches into these wonderful dog beds. There is a strong zipper on the side, and the filling inside is made from old t-shirts and leftover pieces of the jeans material encased in a sack, also made from t-shirts. So both the jeans cover and the soft inside are washable.

If you have a dog who needs, or wants, a new bed, Kelly does make them for sale, customized to fit the size of your dog. If you wold be interested, email me or leave a comment on the blog and I will pass it on to her and she’ll contact you.

12 Comments on “Lulu”

  1. It’s a beautifully made bed! I think Kelly’s got a winner, here. And your portrait of Lulu is gorgeous.
    She’s certainly enjoying herself. That sweet, soft, silvery muzzle!

  2. That is a wonderful shot. That bed is incredible. Reminds me of the ole bean bag chair. LuLu looks as beautiful and sweet as always. I love when you go shots of animals and human. You are so great at capturing the spirit.

  3. Great picture/portrait, Marty. It really is a portrait, in that style. I love the bits of color (eyes, collar).

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