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Lisa and the Fan - New Years 2014

Lisa and the Fan – New Years 2014

I like photographing people at our New Years celebration. I generally like candid shots because I feel it’s important to tell a story about the person or situation that isn’t contrived. Posing can be helpful in photography for sure, and there are some great photographers who are amazing at posing their subjects. But, for me, I prefer the spontaneity of candid shots. Today’s photograph of Lisa was not posed and I actually think she didn’t know I was taking it. She had briefly stopped fanning the warm rice with the red fan she’s holding and looked out the window, and I took the photo.

15 Comments on “Lisa”

  1. Marty,
    This is gorgeous! Lisa of course looks beautiful and it does look like she posed. The background colors work so beautifully with the fan. Fabulous!

  2. What a wonderful photo. The picture, your comments, and those from others who saw the picture
    brought me to tears.

  3. Really Beautiful – the lighting, the colors and of course, beautiful Lisa! Your portraits are great! Love the one of Les too!

  4. This came together so perfectly . . . the red/black with the pop of blue, and the composition: the painting in the background, Lisa with the red lipstick and flower in her hair and holding the fan. Beautiful shot of beautiful Lisa in a pensive moment.

  5. Incredible photo. Lisa is so beautiful outside, obviously, but even more so inside. She has such style. I wish she lived closer!

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