Light on the Sahara

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I’ve been reviewing the several thousand images I created in Morocco to compile and create a “coffee table” book of our amazing trip there at the end of 2013. In doing that, I came across some additional images I liked a very much and wanted to share with you. The one below was taken just before sunset in the Sahara Desert. I love the play between the light and shadows.
Light On the Sahara

16 Comments on “Light on the Sahara”

  1. There is not a photo that you show me where my inner artists says” I NEED TO PAINT THAT!”
    Thanks for your artistic talents and sharing.

  2. The one literally caused a quick intake of breath. Just stunning, with so many elements that capture one’s interest.

  3. Really beautiful mix of textures made by the light and shadow and the soft grasses; great shot, Marty, your photo really captured it all!

    1. Thank you Janet. The fun of digital photography is that you can take so many photographs that it can take several years or reviewing and re-reviewing to find cool images. Thanks. This image and creating this book brings back a lot of nice memories from the trip. It was fun to share the trip with you and Hank.

  4. Cathleen said it best and it must bring back a wonderful memory of that moment you took the photo. I like it a lot.

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