Here are several options for Lavender Images

Lavender Hillside – Carmel Valley Ranch

Lavender and Bees 1

Lavender and Bees 2

Collage – Side

Collage – Top and Bottom


You mentioned wanting a Standout or Bamboo Mount at 30 x 40 inches. I don’t think we will get the highest quality of image printed at 30 x 40 and, in addition, the largest Bamboo Mount size available is 20 x 30. The Standard Mount – Black or White or Maple Foam Board can be made larger, but I think we will get the best quality enlarged print at 20 x 30.

I included a couple of additional ideas using multiple images in a wall collage as a possibility for a larger display. The main image is 20 x 30″ and the two smaller images are each 8 x 12″. I will outline pricing for both Bamboo and the Standard 3/4″ Black or White or Maple Foam Board so you have multiple options from which to choose:

Brushed Stainless

20 x 30 — $210.00

8 x 12 — $70.00

White, Maple, Brushed Stainless

20 x 30 — $225.00

8 x 12 — $75.00


20 x 30 — $400.00

8 x 12 — $110.00

CA sales tax will be added to shipments in California, and U.S. shipping is free.

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