In The Kitchen – A Photo Project

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In The Kitchen – A Photo Project

I have been working on a photo project based on the food photographs I’ve taken over the past eight years at our family’s Japanese New Year’s celebrations in Los Angeles. Most food photography we see is posed, set up and styled and has great lighting, I was doing “on-the-spot”, “as-it-happend” candid photography with available lighting or bounce flash. What I discovered was I had created some beautiful, artistic images and I wanted to share them as a collection. The project is titled “In The Kitchen – Images as they happened.”


I created a photo presentation using Adobe’s “Slate” iPad app. The presentation is best viewed on a laptop, desktop or iPad/Android tablet (in landscape orientation). Click on the image below and a new window will open for you to view the presentation and then scroll down to view the images. After you view the presentation, please come back to this page and leave me your comments and please share this with your friends and family.

Click on the image below to see the presentation, then scroll down on the new page.

In The Kitchen

14 Comments on “In The Kitchen – A Photo Project”

  1. Very unique ‘project’! Some of your best images yet…with a delicious combo of textures, colors and shapes. Marc

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