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Slot Canyon

Slot Canyon

The answer to yesterday’s question, What Is This, is the wall of a Slot Canyon. It’s located in the Upper Slot Canyon in Antelope Canyon. There are two separate canyons – Upper and Lower Antelope. They are located on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. The “slots” were gently carved from the swirling Navajo sandstone over many thousands of years. It was primarily water flowing through the canyons during storms that slowly wore away the sandstone and created the gentle, graceful curves in the rock. Wind also played a part in sculpting these incredible canyons. Both canyons drain from the south into Lake Powell (once the Colorado River). Information was provided by the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department. (Click on the photo to enlarge. Click on the comment number bubble to leave a comment.) Photo taken with a Canon EOS D60, EF17-40mm f/4L lens, 10 seconds at f/9.5, ISO 200 on Lexar Digital Film

Our mystery photo from yesterday reveals both the difficulty of photographing in the dark, especially with sunlight at the top, and the serendipity of such high contrast which gave the effect of  delicate, flowing strands of hair or some fine material. Six of you had the right idea and Brian was first. Since this was the first contest for the blog, I’d actually like to reward everyone who participated and offered an answer. If you would like a mounted copy of that photo leave me a comment here and I’ll send one out to you. Thanks, and keep coming back the blog. I’ll also be posting photo tips, software and hardware reviews soon. Marty


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