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(To see the most detail in the images, click on them to enlarge them!)


The hands and beautiful rings of City Guide in Fes, Mohammed

When we arrived in Fes, our trip leader, Aziz, introduced us to Mohammed who would be our city guide for that day. Mohammed was very knowledgeable and taught us a great deal about the city and culture mostly while we were riding on our bus from one location to another. I noticed how beautiful his rings were and how interesting his hands looked and asked to take this picture.


Mohammed in the square near the Mellah

When we explored the extremely crowded, narrow streets in the Medina, we had to walk single file most of the time. There were limited or no street signs and we were shoulder to shoulder with all the local people walking and shopping there. In addition, we always had to be on the alert for vendors with their cart trying to squeeze through the crowd at full-speed, or a mule loaded with goods being driven through the street. It was a set up for someone or, multiple someones, to get lost or left behind. To prevent this from happening, Mohammed would be at the front of the line of our group and Aziz at the back, always alert for one of us who might stop to look at something and make sure we didn’t get left behind.

(To see the most detail in the images, click on them to enlarge them!)

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  1. Great picture. Would love to know what the stones were; the light one might be moonstone? The other some kind of turquoise?

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