HANDS – A New Photographic Series

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Today, I am sharing the first image, entitled, “Self-Sufficient,” of my new “Hands” Series.

A heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute. Edward Gibbon

Why Hands?

Hands do so much and say so much and we use them in so many different ways. We take them for granted and often don’t even notice them. They build and they destroy, they calm and they anger, they can soothe and can hurt. Hands are old and young, smooth and wrinkled, small and large, and light and dark. Hands also give and take, hug and push away, they shake hands and they hold other hands, they can be sensual. Hands can communicate, they write and they erase, they program computers and use computers, they draw and they paint, they construct and they sculpt, and exercise and rest. They grow food, cook food and help to eat food. Hands play music and they conduct orchestras. And, oh yes, hands create photographic images (and so much more)!

So this is my homage to hands and all they do for us and all the ways we use them. In the coming weeks I’ll be posting images in this photographic series and, when it’s complete, I’ll put them into a presentation and hopefully be able to display them as an exhibit.


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16 Comments on “HANDS – A New Photographic Series”

  1. Marty,
    Very moving photo, and so well composed. Thank you for sharing your art with us – inspiring!

    1. Thank you David. A compliment from you is very appreciated. I’ve just revised and updated my website and finally made it public a short time ago. Designing and building websites for artists has been one of the ways I support my website and my photography.

  2. The image brings together so many moving textures while still highlighting the hands, just breathtaking!

  3. It is so beautiful. It says so much without saying a word. I love it and look forward to each imagine. I know that all together they would make an outstanding book. Can’t wait for each day!!

  4. This is my new favorite! Well, except for the one of Cathleen’s hennaed hand. Looking forward to more.

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