Golden Gate View 1

Marty CohenSan Francisco11 Comments

The Golden Gate Bridge from Land's End in San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge from Land’s End in San Francisco

I’m in San Francisco at Rachel’s. We spent Saturday on a photo day around the bridge. Lots of fun. Photo processed with Snapseed App on my iPad.

11 Comments on “Golden Gate View 1”

  1. Marty,
    Everything about this picture is right from the clouds to the way the colors work together. If you saw this angle every day for a year I don’t think you could represent it better.

    1. Thank you Terri. If you would really like a canvas print, I can get one made. Let me know what approximate size you’d like and I’ll let you know what it will cost.

  2. Wow. Really really great photo. iPhones and iPads are so amazing at outdoor shots. I almost never take my big camera anymore.

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