Fish Ranch – Palo Corona Ranch Carmel

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Fish Ranch - Palo Corona Ranch Carmel California

We’ve been having quite a bit of rain lately and today (Thursday) the clouds were exceptionally good. This gave me an opportunity to try some different things with my new camera, the Canon EOS M5 Mirrorless Camera Kit EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM Lens Kit – Wi-Fi Enabled & Bluetooth.

I’ve been very excited to test this camera which is about one-third the size of my current Canon 6D camera. The M5 is a mirrorless camera which allows it to be much smaller and much lighter and easier to carry around. I was able to photograph Fish Ranch Palo Corona Ranch in Carmel, CA.

I love looking up that hill towards the barn at the top but I have not been able to go up there and visit it yet. Nearly 10,000 acres, where this is located, was purchased in 2002 by the Nature Conservancy and the Big Sir Land Trust from cellular telephone pioneer Craig McCaw. He had purchased the first piece of the ranch in Big Sur in 1996 from the heirs of Stuyvesant Fish. He promised to safeguard the stands of old-growth redwoods. The Nature Conservancy’s goal was to “create a 70-mile-long wildlife corridor from the Carmel River in the north to San Luis Obispo County in the south. “The Fish Ranch has its own storied history. It was the location for the movie adaptation of John Steinbeck’s “Flight,” a story about a fugitive in Big Sur.” — L.A. Times

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19 Comments on “Fish Ranch – Palo Corona Ranch Carmel”

  1. I worked for Styvie and lived in that little cottage overlooking Carmel Bay for two years in the late 70s. Joe, the foreman , who could neither read or write, had me mending fences, cleaning out spring boxes , feeding the cattle and taking care of the pen raised wild boar Joe came to the US as a WW2 prisoner of war. Gus, a great old Frenchman had been with the family since Styvie was a little boy. He died long after I left when he lost control of the golf cart he drove down the long driveway to get the mail each day. We fed the wild boar every morning together. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I used to sit up on one of the hills and watch the whales on their migrations and if I was lucky a family of real wild boar running over a distant hill with a long line of piglets trying to keep up. Their meat tastes much better.

  2. After watching the movie, ” The Parent Trap’, with Haley Mills, 1961, for the first time in 40 years. I was intrigued by the home Haley’s dad, Brian Keith, had in Carmel. After research here is a clip from Disney WiKi,

    . The Monterrey scenes were filmed in various California locations, including millionaire Stuyvesant Fish’s 5200 acres (21 square kilometers) ranch in Carmel, Monterrey’s Pebble Beach golf course. The scenes at the Monterrey house were shot at studio’s Golden Oak Ranch in Placerita Canyon, where Mitch’s ranch was built. It was the design of this set that proved the most popular, and to this day the Walt Disney Archives receives requests for plans of the home’s interior design. Of course, there never was such a house; the set was simply various rooms built on a sound stage. Camp Inch was based on a real girls’ camp called Camp Crestridge for Girls at the Ridgecrest Baptist Conference Center near Asheville, North Carolina.

    The scenes I recall were riding horses on the beach at Carmel, then way up the hill to the barn. After watching this movie I rushed right out last week and bought one of those one billion dollar Power Ball lottery tickets knowing this was where I wanted to move to. Not knowing the current history of the place.

  3. Spent many times there. Good family friends. My sister’s godfather. He always told me he would marry me when I was about 10 and he was about mid 40. One of my favorite pictures is sitting on Stuyvies’ lap. Probably my favorite of my family’s friends.

  4. I was informed by my ex father in law, who was a close friend of Styvie and Dianna Fish, that the scenes of Ireland in the Liz Taylor ‘National Velvet’ where filmed at Palo Corona Ranch.

      1. I read in Ean Wood’s “George Gershwin: His Life & Music” that they met their old friends Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Fish at their ranch for two days on January 8, 1937 to talk about their upcoming movie “A Damsel in Distress.”

    1. It’s behind and rip from Crossroads shopping center. I was up at Marlene & John’s house. She called me to tell me the clouds were really good so I took the new camera there and got to test a number of things I’ve wanted to test with it. They have that view from their living room and dining room.

  5. Clouds, beautiful clouds and the scenery is beautiful too! What a wonderful hobby you have chosen.

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