Eclipse of the Moon 2011

Marty CohenCarmel Valley, Lunar Eclipse12 Comments

Here is my shot of this morning’s full lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, the sky was not clear in Carmel Valley and there was a light haze of clouds partially obscuring the moon. But you can still get a feel for the color change about 10 minutes before the eclipse was 100%.

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The photo was taken with a Canon EOS 40D, Sigma APO 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Lens at Focal Length 500mm, 6 seconds at f/8, ISO 1250 on SanDisk Extreme IV Digital Film.

12 Comments on “Eclipse of the Moon 2011”

  1. Marty,
    Even though it was a bit cloudy, you’ve really captured something wonderfu! I was researching “Christmas Moon”, which is how the eclipse is described on one calendar we have—and now I see why!
    Thanks so much for getting up early and braving the cold!
    Sandy & John

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