Dance of the Indonesian Sea Nettle

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(To see the most detail in this image, click on it to enlarge it!)

Dance of the Indonesian Sea Nettle

Dance of the Indonesian Sea Nettle – Monterey Bay Aquarium

It took me two trips to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to finally get this shot. These are amazing jellyfish in their beauty and especially in how gracefully they swim together. It appears to be a slow and graceful dance. I found them fascinating and, it turned out, very difficult to photograph. But, with a little patience and persistence, I got the photograph I wanted, one that captured their graceful movement in a still image. Make sure you click on the image to enlarge it. It really adds to the experience.

The Aquarium provided this information about the Indonesian Sea Nettle:
“Meet a deadly beauty. This jelly trails a dangerous curtain of vintage lace and ghostly white tentacles. As delicate as those parts look, they’re beaded with thousands of stinging cells.

The stinging cells stun both food and foe with a deadly dose of toxins. These cells help a jelly capture plankton and small fishes and defend against predators. Range: western Pacific ocean.”

If you haven’t been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium before or recently, it’s a must see place. One of the finest aquariums in the world. I encourage you to visit. It’s unique and very special. They not only have beautiful exhibits, you can learn how they work towards the preservation and conservation of the ocean. Check out their website here. I am very lucky to live so close and to be a member.

5 Comments on “Dance of the Indonesian Sea Nettle”

  1. Very dramatic photo – the light and the dark – translucent and beautiful, yet so dangerous. Must be mesmerizing to watch.

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