Chellah Ruins in Rabat, Morocco

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Chellah is a necropolis and a complex of ancient Roman ruins at the outskirts of Rabat. It’s the site of the Roman town known as Sala Colonia. The site was abandoned in 1154 in favor of another nearby site. The Almohad dynasty used the ghost town as a necropolis. In the mid-14th century, a Merinid sultan built monuments and the main gate, dated 1339. Many structures in Chellah were damaged by the 1775 Lisbon earthquake.The site was given UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2012.
Source: Wikipedia

6 Comments on “Chellah Ruins in Rabat, Morocco”

  1. These are wonderful. Shoots at a site of ruins can be boring and difficult but as you probably found out; lots of interesting angles, heights, details…. just like any intact architecture. Having the ‘eye’ makes all the difference. Can’t wait to see more.

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