Blue Walls and Doors of Rabat

Marty CohenMorocco4 Comments

CLick on the first image to show a larger size and then you can navigate forward and backward using the arrows.

This post is a bit out of chronological order since we were in Rabat before we came to the Volubilis Ruins, but I wanted to show these beautiful blue walls and doors before moving on to Fes. We walked the streets of Rabat through residential areas, down interesting narrow streets and just loved the blue walls and doors we saw there. It was especially fun to find the “phone booth” as well.

4 Comments on “Blue Walls and Doors of Rabat”

  1. Love the blue, love the new collage format. Is there any significance to the prevalence of the blue just because it’s the color of the sea, or is there something else to it?

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