Art in Construction Part 1

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I am increasingly working with architectural photography. Most of the work I’ve done has been homes that were either recently built or remodeled. I enjoy this type of photography because it’s challenging and fun to see the art in architecture, sometimes obvious and sometimes more discreet. I’ve been commissioned to photograph the steel work construction of a house being built on a lot in the High Meadows area of Carmel, CA. It will have amazing views of Carmel Highlands, Point Lobos and Carmel Bay in the Pacific Ocean. Carmel Bay is south of Monterey Bay.
I processed the four images below in both color and black & white. Black & white was the clear winner. Without color, your eyes are free to follow the lines, shapes and juxtaposition of the components without being distracted by color. I’ll be shooting more photographs this weekend and again when the house is completed.

The best way to view the images is to click on the first one,
then use the forward and back arrows.
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7 Comments on “Art in Construction Part 1”

  1. Very fun, Marty! I love architecture, and I love architectural photography. That’s cool that you got that commission! What a pro!

  2. Love watching the process of a dream coming to reality. Thanks Marty for giving this a artistic look!

    1. Thanks Martin. I was just about to drive up there to shoot more, but it just started to lightly rain. It’s supposed to be on and off today, so I’ll try later.

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