Amazing 14-Year Old Moroccan Drummer

Marty CohenMorocco9 Comments

In the evening, after Cathleen had her henna design applied to her hand, we went to dinner at a wonderful Moroccan restaurant inside a tent. During our meal, a group of three men and a fourteen year old boy played music and sang for us. They were great and the fourteen year old who played the drum was amazing. He was able to do some impressive things playing the drum, as this video shows. It was pretty dark in the tent so the quality of this iPhone video is a bit grainy.

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9 Comments on “Amazing 14-Year Old Moroccan Drummer”

  1. Brings back such good memories of a great trip. Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with all of our travel mates. Janet

  2. It fills my heart with joy to watch him play, he is so into the music. Plus I remember the great time we had dancing. thanks again for sharing your treasures.

  3. I showed this to my 14 year old son, Jadon, who is also very musical. Now he wants to play the drums!

  4. A great evening in a big beautiful tent with gorgeous rugs, cushions, etc.. This kid is fabulous and part of the fun was just seeing on his face how much fun he was having. Thanks for not showing me dancing though 🙂

  5. Love this! Luke LOVES his little drum and plays it WAY TOO MUCH!!! He also brought the bongos he got for xmas to school today to share in music class. Glad you shared the video.

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