A Window in Marrakech

Marty CohenArchitecture, Morocco10 Comments

There were many beautiful windows and door throughout Morocco. They were great subjects for images. Here is one of them from Marrakech.

(To see the most detail in this image, click on it to enlarge it!)

A Window in Marrakech-8161-M-WB


10 Comments on “A Window in Marrakech”

  1. The lovely details and colors of the window are wonderful. Interesting windows and doors are also favorite subjects of mine.

  2. Hi Marty, it’s gorgeous and it reminds me of the moorish influence throughout southern Spain and Latin American .It’s like lace work. Thanks for sharing Hugs,Nydia,

  3. Really beautiful!! The floor tiles are just another beautiful detail. Is the gold part of the cloths or it more like a window? Very stunning.

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