Yesterday, April 22, 2017 we participated in Monterey, CA's March for Science. Here is a gallery of images I made, mostly the great signs people were holding. You can scroll down through them. To see an image in more detail click or tap on it to enlarge it.

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24 Comments on “2017 Monterey March For Science Gallery”

  1. Thank you so much for these photos. I am one of the event organizers and my responsibilities kept me from having as much time as I would have liked to look at all the signs. So great to see so many captured here.

  2. Marty, Thanks so much for sharing. Great messages, but you know you are preaching to the choir. Somehow the message has to get across to those who currently can be swayed by disinformation. Politicians understand the value of science, but some play the science ignorance card to control their base and to promote fossil fuels. We can sell more oil if it’s promoted as being a non-pollutant for the planet. Tragic but true.

    1. So true Bill. That’s why I would love to have more people share my gallery with their friends and family so that it’s likely to eventually be seen by those who are swayed by disinformation.

  3. Hi Marty
    The signs are fabulous and truly tell a story. I hope the crazies come to realize this is a real issue.

    Loved the photo of Cathleen?

  4. Great work! And some great signs. But there are quite a few that are hard to read due to artistic execution! I think we need some banner making kits that ensure great statements aren’t lost to ultra fine sharpies and caffeine.

  5. Marty, These are terrific! Love the slogans–Support the critical issue. A special “Thank You” to you and Cathleen for participating in the march.

  6. Marty, these are wonderful. I’m forwarding the gallery on to family and friends. Thanks for being such a good documentarian. I loved the picture of Cathleen too.



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