2015 CPA International Juried Exhibition Opening

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2015 CPA International Juried Exhibition Opening

The opening night of the exhibit was so much fun. Forty-five images were selected by the juror Robert Hirsch out of over 1,000 images submitted. It was attended by over a hundred people and the juror spent some time talking to the group about his process in making the selections and how difficult it was. He spent many hours reviewing each image to make his choices. He is from New York and he commented on the difference between east coast and west coast photographers. Photo exhibitions featuring east coast photographers have far more urban art photography whereas west coast photographers were featuring more nature and landscape images.

While I did not win one of the the top three prizes, Mr. Hirsch talked with me about how much he liked my image, how beautifully it was printed and that it evoked a feeling of movement and water and it was in his final group from which he selected the winners. A difficult process, he commented. For me, to have my image chosen to be in the gallery out of over 1,000 other images was honor enough and I was very happy. This was an image from the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Interestingly, a number of other gallery visitors commented about it possibly being in or under water.

The Center for Photographic Art also set up an online gallery of the 45 images selected plus the juror selected another 55 images that were the top 100 images in his opinion. You can see all the images (those hanging in the gallery are identified with their title) by clicking here:

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16 Comments on “2015 CPA International Juried Exhibition Opening”

  1. Wonderful!! So great to hear about the opening and the comments/observations. You are on your way, Marty! Beautiful!

  2. Kudos Marty!

    It’s great that you have been able to find an avocation that’s so gratifying in your “second act.” I’m both impressed and jealous.

  3. Congrats Marty! That’s really neat to meet with someone like Robert Hirsch and hear what he has to say about your work.

  4. I am so proud of them for finally seeing the incredible talent and beauty in your work. You….I already knew how amazing you are.

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