The Compelling Image Contest

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I’ve entered two of my photographs into a contest sponsored by photographer Art Wolfe. The contest is entitled, “EDGE OF THE EARTH, CORNER OF THE SKY.” It will be judged by a group of expert photographers. There is also a “People’s Choice Award” and you can help me win that by voting for one of the two photos I entered. You will only be permitted to vote for one photo per email address, so only vote for one. Below I have posted the photos I entered. Please decide which you like best and  click on the link BELOW the photo to vote for it. This will take you to the contest web site with that photo on it and you should click on the “Vote Now!” button beneath the small thumbnail of my photo.

Thank you very much for helping me and please share this with other friends and family on your Facebook page by clicking on the facebook icon at the bottom or share it via email by clicking on the envelope icon at the bottom of the page.



Pebble Beach Clouds at Sunset

Pebble Beach Clouds at Sunset, a Panorama



Rough Surf in Pebble Beach 1

Clouds, waves and rocks form triangles at sea


2 Comments on “The Compelling Image Contest”

  1. Marty,

    I like the B&W photo… very nice. BTW, I had most of my camera stuff stolen in a break-in last December. The insurance company gave me replacement value. Since they don’t make The Canon Mk III anymore, they suggested and paid for another camera… the Canon 1 DX! It is a super camera! :))

    Hope all is well with you both.

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