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Please help me decide which version to choose. It doesn’t usually snow this heavily in Sedona but this was a great day to shoot photographs and we had so much fun.

I’ve processed the images in both color and black & white. You’ll see them better if you click on the color image first, then click on the small double arrows below the enlarged image to see the Black & White version. Then click on the comment bubble and leave your choice in the comment. I’ll post which got the most votes tomorrow. Thanks…

Highway Through Snowy Sedona - Color

Highway Through Snowy Sedona - Color

Highway Through Snowy Sedona - B+W

Highway Through Snowy Sedona - B+W

Photo taken with a Canon EOS D60 (an early model Canon DSLR camera), EF 28-200mm f/4L lens, 1/250 sec at f/11, ISO 200 on Lexar Digital Film.

17 Comments on “Help Me Choose”

  1. Like them both! Black & White is Ansel Adams-ish. The color is striking like one of those old black and whites that was painted in with highlight colors. The red rocks are almost surreal.

  2. I like the colored one because the color creates more contrast within the picture. The black and white one has primarily subtle shades of grey and it’s difficult to see exactly what I’m looking at in the middle of the picture. One other comment – the large tree in the right foreground of the picture keeps pulling the eye away from the major flow of the picture which to me is from the start of the road flowing into the central part of the picture.

    1. Miye– I agree that the foreground on the right is distracting. I originally thought it helped frame the main subject, but it distracts more than frames. Check out Monday’s Daily Photo post.

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  4. Liked them both, but the color one won out – the red of the mtns. with the grey/black against the blue….

  5. For some reason my computer won’t enlarge them, but the color one edges out the b&w in my opinion, mostly because it evokes in me the memory of what a crisp, sunny day following a snow felt like in Santa Fe – especially on a ski slope.

    Both are beautiful.

  6. It’s a tough call. I generally like B&W but this color shot is almost B&W. rock and sky are the only strong colors in it. I’m going with the color version this time.

  7. This was a difficult choice. ..They are both beautiful. However, the color picture really makes you appreciate the red rich soil…it really pops. So color is my choice!

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