Artichoke Flower and Friends

Marty CohenCarmel Valley, Carmel Valley Ranch, Flowers15 Comments

This Fathers’ Day, we took a walk up to the organic garden at Carmel Valley Ranch. In the garden were several aging artichokes that were in full bloom. Clearly, the bees were enjoying the flowers too.

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15 Comments on “Artichoke Flower and Friends”

  1. Forgot. Pam’s last stats showed, for the second time, she’s out of danger. Wow! That was fifteen months of stress. But we’re still being careful: very good diet, excellent supplements. Just glad we’re still around to enjoy each day. As Pam and I say: make every day a masterpiece.

  2. How vibrant. One of my favorite colors. I can’t remember the name of the plant, but around the corner is a huge “bush” of that color. See it every time I come home. It looks like the outer ring is standing around cheering that beautiful color. My best, as always, T.

  3. Marty, it actually looks like a painting. The colors are so vivid almost unreal and you have captured it to our benefit and pleasure. Many thanks. Nydia

  4. Marty, don’t ever let us slip off your e mail
    List. We appreciate every piece of photographic art that you send along. Cheers, Bonnie and Ed

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