Rusty Trucks Series

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Rusty Truck

I am presenting a new photographic series of images entitled “Rusty Trucks.” While in Arizona, I traveled to Jerome, situated on a hillside overlooking Sedona on the other side of the Verde Valley. The historic Gold King Mine Ghost Town is located there with a great collection of old rusted trucks of 1920’s to 1960’s vintage. They’ve weathered and rusted exposing the multiple layers of the colors in their histories. Click on the button below to see slideshow:

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8 Comments on “Rusty Trucks Series”

  1. You pick some great subjects to photograph. Thanks for sharing. Gives me food for thought. Love it!

  2. Marty, More good stuff. Next time we go visit Devon, I’d like to see the ghost town. The trucks – the rust gives them the character of age. I guess at 81, I must have a lot of character, because I sure have a lot of rust. My best, T.

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