Where it Starts and Where it Ends #2

Marty CohenCalifornia, Carmel Valley, Nature Photography8 Comments

In nature, most all things have a beginning and an end. In this image we see evidence of both. Oh yes, I said the same thing in yesterday’s post. However, I will say that I struggled to name these images. I thought about naming yesterday’s “Before Birth” and today’s “After Birth”. Seen together in the image below, you can imagine how I might have named them that way.

Of course, they are part of a tree trunk near our house that, sadly, I hear, is scheduled to be ground down into sawdust. That’s very sad to me because I think this Oak tree trunk is beautiful and interesting. Below is an image of the entire tree trunk after the tree was cut down.

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8 Comments on “Where it Starts and Where it Ends #2”

  1. Thanks for these beautiful photos. The natural textures and colors of wood which were hidden until revealed by human intrusion into the natural world. Sad to hear it will be completely obliterated. Often here in Maine we can see the remains of human intrusion in the Maine woods that have been left for decades slowly decaying and becoming part of beauty of the place.

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