Kasbah in the Dadès Valley Morocco

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Kasbah in the Dades Valley Morocco


Here is another image I re-discovered as I worked on creating my Morocco Photo Book. We left Tineghir early in the morning on our bus to travel to the spectacular Dadès Valley. Berbers built many kasbahs (casbahs) within the valley for defensive purposes. It was a place for the local leader to live and a defense when a city was under attack. A kasbah has high walls. They were often built on hilltops so they could be more easily defended. Having a kasbah built was a sign of wealth of some families in the city. The many kasbahs, together with the natural beauty of the area, have contributed to make it a wonderful location to visit. I was able to take advantage of that beauty to make some very special images.

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9 Comments on “Kasbah in the Dadès Valley Morocco”

  1. Wants me want to “come with you to the casbah,” which I think is a line from a Crosby- Hope road movie.

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