Sahara Sunrise

Marty CohenB+W, Landscape, Morocco, Sahara Desert, Sand Dunes9 Comments

I am creating a series of images of the Sahara Desert from our trip to Morocco in 2013. If you follow me here, you have seen some of these in previous posts. I’m working on completing the series and wanted to share this new image with you. This image, “Sahara Sunrise” was captured early one morning after sleeping outside in the Moroccon Sahara Desert. For me, it demonstrates texture and how the sand is sculpted by the wind. The combination of light and shadow define and accentuate the surface of desert sand.

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9 Comments on “Sahara Sunrise”

  1. Bravo!The sand looks more like a piece of fabric. Thanks for sharing the experience.,and the photo., Marty
    Hugs, Nydia

  2. Wonderful,as always, Marty! Your photo reminded me of some of the Andrew Wyeth artwork we saw today at the exhibit of his work at SAM! So real, so alive! Your photos look like paintings and are so real. His paintings or water colors looked like photos and were so life like! Hmm..
    Charlene Cohen

  3. Awesome picture. Especially since we were there with you when you took it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful, Marty!! I can imagine how peaceful it must have been that early morning capturing this moment. Thanks for sharing it!

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