Rust and Color Abstracts

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Rust and Color #5

These images are from my Rusty Truck Series. I was fascinated by how many different colors had been used to paint the trucks and how they weathered. Click the right and left arrows above to go through the abstract series.

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19 Comments on “Rust and Color Abstracts”

  1. Only you and your artistic eye could capture something as ordinary as rust on a truck and turn it into something beautiful. Thanks, Marty. Hugs, Nydia

  2. I would love to see many of these images as large wall pieces; many beautiful compositions and luscious colors.
    Some of my favorite images.

  3. I really love the bright colors. I could never ever imagine that from rusty stuff one could get so many different patterns of colors ! Congratulations !!!

  4. Incredible Marty – my mind is spinning about how these can be used on their own as well as with other elements. Great inspiration.

    1. Thank you Shari. I just found the way the rust played with the various layers of paint so interesting. It conjures up all kinds of possible stories of where the trucks have been and what they were used for.

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