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Let’s have some fun!
I’m asking for your help in giving this abstract image a title. I’ve tried, but I haven’t come up with a title that I like. So I’d love to hear your suggestions. I will send a print of this image to the person (in the US) whose title I choose in exchange for using it. Leave your suggested title in the comments below.
Thanks… Marty

Addendum: 9-7-17: If you submitted a suggested title for this image, thank you. Unfortunately, I still don’t have a title I like for this image. For those of you who are still wondering what it was, it’s a rusted door hinge from a door with weathered metal plates covering the wood.

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29 Comments on “Title the Image”

  1. Great shot, Marty! It reminds me of a backbone–strong and straight. So maybe “Columna Vertebral” for a bit of Spanish flair?

  2. Marty, we live in Turlock and work for SFMG, all these years!
    Maybe just shaman stick is a better title suggestion. I thought the object looked like the sticks that Indian gurus have. Interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing the photographs.

  3. To tell the truth, this image gave me the hee-bee jeebees (don’t know if that’s the spelling)! It conjured up Frankenstein – the combination of hardware with a surface that could be mottled, damaged skin. This is not by way of offering a title but to let you know the picture got to me! Isn’t that what pictures are supposed to do?

  4. All of My Children, or My Amazing Family. The central image is a parent. Lesser images are offspring.

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